How to Join a Meeting
on RP1Cloud

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How to Connect to an RP1Cloud
Meeting from a Mobile Device

Install RP1Cloud APP on Mobile

1. Install the App

Search for and download the Polycom RealPresence Mobile app for your Apple device (phone) (tablet) or your Android device (phone) (tablet).

Sign Into RP1Cloud

2. Sign In

Open the app and enable the "Sign in with your cloud login" toggle. Press "Skip sign in" at the bottom of the screen.

Enter SIP Address Into RP1Cloud

3. Enter SIP Address

You will be taken to a number pad. At the app number pad, enter the SIP address provided in your meeting invite and press the "Call" button.

Enter SIP Address Into RP1Cloud

4. Enter the Meeting

If a Host / Participant Code is required you will be prompted to enter it. Press the number-pad icon (on the right side of the bottom menu) to access the number pad. Once entered, you will be live in the meeting.

* If a Host / Participant Code is not required, you will be placed live in the meeting within 10-15 seconds.