How to Join a Meeting
on RP1Cloud

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How to Connect to an RP1Cloud
Meeting from your Browser

RP1Cloud Browser - Enter Your Meeting

1. Enter Your Meeting

Click the browser link in your email invitation. A browser window will open with your Conference ID and Host/Participant Code
(if necessary) fields already filled in.

RP1Cloud Browser - Enter Your Name

2. Enter Name

Enter the name that you want displayed in the Your Name field. Then click the "Join Meeting" button.

RP1Cloud Browser - Select Settings

3. Select Settings

You will be taken to the Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). A window will pop up with your camera view (if enabled) and several icons.

RP1Cloud Browser - Select Quality

4. Select Quality

Click on the "Settings" icon to select your call quality, audio and video devices.

RP1Cloud Browser - Choose Your Device

5. Choose Your Device

Make your device selections then click the "Back" button. Devices need to be already plugged in to appear in the drop down menus.

RP1Cloud Browser - Click Continue

6. Click Continue

You will now be in the meeting.