Polycom to Integrate with Microsoft Teams

April Whitzman
September 26, 2017

Polycom has a long history of providing businesses around the world enterprise quality voice, video and interoperability solutions allowing businesses to connect like never before.

And that business-leading technology just got better today.

Polycom has announced that, together with Microsoft’s newly announced Teams collaboration platform, it will offer an end-to-end portfolio that promises full integration of video, audio and collaboration tools to unify your productivity and communications across your internal and external workflows.

As Polycom has done with all other Microsoft tools from Lync to Skype for Business, this connection with the new chat-based workspace provides customers an even stronger communications experience that is all in one place.

Speaking on the new collaboration, Mary McDowell, Chief Executive Officer of Polycom said, “As we have done for nearly 15 years, Polycom will support Microsoft customers in all stages of their collaboration journey, whether it’s Skype for Business, Office 365 or now Microsoft Teams.”

“Polycom solutions will continue to work as they have, delivering the highest quality voice and video solutions to complete the Microsoft collaboration experience.”

With Polycom’s integration with MS Teams, RP1Cloud can continue to provide full versatility with both an enterprise-level video conferencing experience as well as a modern collaborative environment to allow your business to seamlessly collaborate anywhere with no interruption to your workflow.

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