3 Reasons it’s the Perfect Time to Upgrade from HDX Video Conferencing to Group Series

Peter Bean
August 3, 2016

The end of a life is never cause for celebration – unless it’s the life of an outdated product line, when an exceptional replacement is at the ready.

This is exactly the case with Polycom’s HDX Series of video conferencing hardware.

On August 1st, Polycom announced that the HDX Series would cease to exist (in due time of course).

Effective immediately, no new HDX Series will be produced or sold; though current units will continue to be serviced until 2021.

But rather than mourn the passing of HDX, it’s actually a time for celebration. Polycom’s much lauded RealPresence Group Series serves all the functions of the now-defunct HDX, except with modern, high-quality technology at a more competitive price.

For users of the HDX, there’s no better time to switch to the Group Series.

Here’s three reasons why you should upgrade:

1. Modern, User-Friendly Interface and Hardware

There’s no doubt the HDX series was a functional video conferencing platform. It served well for years.

But like any technology, eventually something newer (and better) comes along.

The Group Series comes with a cleaner, easier-to-navigate interface compared with the more dated HDX version.


It’s undoubtedly an aesthetic improvement, but it’s the functionality that really counts, and the Group Series shows a major advance in that area.

In addition to the software interface, the user was considered in the hardware design of the Group Series.

The remote control for the Group Series is far simpler, with easy to understand buttons and clear controls. This is especially notable when compared to the HDX remote, which looks cluttered with buttons and could confuse the user.

All in all, upgrading to the Group Series will offer a smoother, more attractive experience.

2. The Group Series Has More Capabilities

Of course, the most important differentiating factor between the Group Series and the HDX are their features.

Here’s where the Group Series really stands apart. Here are some features the Group Series 700 provides that the HDX 8000 does not:


  • 9 audio inputs
  • Polycom’s NoiseBlock Technology
  • Live music mode


  • 7 video inputs
  • 6 video outputs
  • 1080p at 60 fps resolution
  • Compatible with latest camera technology (like EagleEye IV camera)

RealPresence Group Series 700

“Group Series offers better video and audio experiences through unique innovations such as EagleEye Producer, NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence,” says Brian Philips, Senior Marketing Director for Polycom.

“And it’s easier and simpler to use, with one-touch dialing from an integrated calendar and a more intuitive interface so users can start and run their video calls more quickly.”

Technology like NoiseBlock is defining the high-quality experience Polycom customers are coming to expect – an experience they cannot find with the HDX.

“NoiseBlock is pretty cool and amazing technology that allows you to participate on calls without needing to worry about buttons and having to mute and unmute,” says Mike Moncivais, Director of Solution Architecture, North America and Tier 1, Global Cloud and Service Provider Group at Polycom.

Another feature users are more frequently seeking is Skype for Business integration – something the HDX doesn’t offer, but the Group Series does.

“The Group Series is the only group video solution that has native integration with Skype for Business, for better video experiences with an easier workflow for users that minimizes training and support costs,” Phillips explains.

With better technology and more features, the Group Series is a clear and beneficial upgrade from its predecessor.

3. Supported Technology That Will Remain Relevant

The most important reason to consider moving from the HDX to the Group Series is to keep your video conferencing platform up-to-date, and relevant for the future.

Just like an old car, as time goes on parts for repairs and upgrades become much harder and expensive to find.

“HDX was launched in 2006, so it was getting pretty dated – it had basically maxed out its capabilities as a hardware platform,” Philips explains. “And we started running into component shortages due to its age.”

With the more modern Group Series parts are in ample supply, allowing for a cost effective upgrade.

“With aggressive trade-in programs available and a starting price far lower than HDX, upgrading might cost a lot less than you think,” Phillips adds.

When you can get more capability that will remain relevant longer for a lower price – why wait to switch?


The HDX Series of video conferencing technology may be phasing out, but this begins a new era for Polycom users.

“With Polycom HDX being discontinued, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to RealPresence Group Series, which is our latest generation group video conferencing solution,” Phillips says.

The Group Series is the cutting edge of conferencing technology, far outclassing the HDX in user friendliness and features.

Priced competitively, it offers an affordable upgrade to current HDX users that will remain cutting edge for years to come.