How to Use Your Huddle Rooms

Cameron Smith
August 28, 2017

The preferred contemporary collaboration space is the “huddle room.” Rather than occupy large, sparse boardrooms, modern office workers are opting for smaller, intimate break-out spaces.

Huddle rooms have proven effective at engaging people in efficient meetings, and what they lack in space the make up for with video conferencing technology.

But as companies are implementing these new meeting rooms, the question remains: How do we use them most effectively? If you’re going to downsize your boardrooms and create dedicated huddle rooms, it behooves you to have a plan on how to use them to maximize your return on investment.

Here’s a list of popular uses you can expect to use with a huddle room:

  1. Checking in With Remote Employees

As office workers become more concerned with work-life balance and career flexibility, remote employees are becoming increasingly popular. While it can be great for morale and attract high-quality workers, working remote poses its own problems.

Employees can feel under-engaged and managers may feel they don’t have sufficient oversight to motivate employees with and check in regarding project progress. As offices become more open-concept, managers might lack the office space to frequently touch base with remote workers.

Huddle rooms offer the perfect solution. When outfitted with a basic video endpoint (like Polycom’s RealPresence Debut) and cloud video conferencing, huddle rooms become e perfect place to connect with remote employees, checking on their work and providing them a level of engagement they might lack working from home.

Using a huddle room equipped with cloud video will give a personal feel to an otherwise impersonal meeting which will help to provide not only the privacy one on ones require, but also the intimacy a remote employee requires to maintain high morale.

  1. Team Collaboration

Another type of meeting Huddle Rooms have proven valuable for is collaborative, brainstorming meetings. Big board rooms have proven ineffective, because either small teams are meeting in an oddly cavernous space, or there’s too many people in one space, and too many voices crowding out good ideas.

Huddle rooms prioritize small team collaboration which has shown to be more effective for generating actionable ideas. Fewer people means more time working on the ideas that are presented and less time on each person grandstanding by individuals.

But what if it’s imperative to include several more people in your meeting? Not everyone has the privilege of telling their boss a decision is going to be made in an intimate team setting. That’s where cloud video conferencing comes in.

Instead of packing people into a board room, you can conference people in using Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs), to have the benefit of face to face communication without the crowd.

  1. Escaping the Noise

There are innumerable upsides to the contemporary “open concept” office. With the death of the cubicle comes a far more egalitarian, collaborative space that promotes teamwork, and efficient communication. But it also has a few downsides that huddle rooms seek to ameliorate.

If you’ve ever heard someone take a video call in an open office, you understand how disruptive they can be. Voice volumes are subjective, and some can be quite loud. Even if you’re the one trying to make a call, the general background noise can be disruptive to both you and your video conference attendees.

Huddle rooms are the perfect solution to this contemporary dilemma, as they’re small enough to preserve the open concept office space, while still providing privacy and a noise-free scape for those looking to take video calls.

And, because they’re so small, outfitting them with video conferencing has never been more affordable, sure to appeal to cost-conscious office managers.


If you’re looking to take advantage of all the modern office space has to offer, you’re going to need huddle rooms. They support many different types of meetings and are perfect for adoption of inexpensive video conferencing.

If you’re looking to engage remote employees, have efficient brainstorming meetings, or escape the clamor of open concept offices, huddle rooms are the perfect solution.

Don’t wait to take advantage of the collaborative power huddle spaces can bring to your workplace. Contact RP1Cloud today and find out how we can help outfit you.