Attract the Best New Talent With Video Conferencing

Cameron Smith
September 21, 2017

There’s a new generation hitting the workforce, and they’re bringing a whole new set of expectations.

Millennials have different motivation, ambition and potential than previous generations. Provided the right environment they can be a boon to any workforce, bringing creativity, critical thinking and problem solving to the table.

However, with the wrong work culture, Millennial employees can feel unmotivated, lack follow-through, and even pursue other employment opportunities that fit their lifestyle better. That’s not to say they’re flippant, merely they have high expectations for themselves and for the companies for which they work.

There’s a ton of talent in the millennial pool, and companies have never had to work harder to access it. So what exactly will give your company an advantage in recruiting the best talent? The answer is as simple as providing video conferencing from RP1Cloud.

Flexible Workspaces

The day of the cubicle-dense office is over. Most of the Baby Boomer generation remembers their first office job in shades of grey – small grey work spaces scattered about a primer grey office. This worked to provide privacy and helped organize employees who were expected to show up at the same desk every day.

Now, Millennial office workers have different demands about their workspace. Open concept offices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, leading to the rise of smaller meeting areas like huddle rooms.

Huddle Rooms in action

These huddle rooms allow smaller groups of people to work in a more intimate space, fostering a more creative, close-knit atmosphere that appeals to Millennials. One thing they don’t permit, however, is large meetings that have traditionally taken place in large board rooms (which are rapidly disappearing from the modern office.)

Video conferencing is rising to the challenge of allowing open-concept offices and smaller meeting rooms. Now, contemporary employees can access the benefit of face-to-face communication from anywhere – their desk, the local café, or the small huddle spaces.

Audio conferencing has proven less effective for effective collaboration. Video conferencing fosters efficient, high-quality meetings in the modern office, allowing large groups to meet simultaneously without the demand for big board rooms or even private workspaces.

Working from Home

Freedom and work/life balance are rising in prominence in corporate culture. One major aspect of this paradigm shift is working from home, and telecommuting.

Many Millennials are looking for alternatives to commuting in (which often involves buying a car – something millennials are doing less of than ever before.) That means your company might be limiting its hiring pool to people who are within easy commuting distance, missing out on talent that lives farther away.

It’s not only about physical availability, however. Even Millennials who live relatively close to work are frequently opting to work from home – or at least the café down the street. Even if it’s only one or two days a week, shaving off commuting time and allowing a freedom of work environment for the freedom-conscious employee. As a benefit to businesses, workplaces can now become smaller (and cheaper) with more employees opting to work from home.

With video conferencing facilitating telecommuting, you can cast a wider net, and appeal to high quality talent from anywhere. Plus, your employees will value the freedom to work from the location of their choice.


The key word when planning for the next generation of office workers is “flexibility.”

Millennials are looking for freedom, balance and flexibility so they can bring their passion and ambition to work unfettered by a restrictive office environment. Video conferencing is offering a custom-tailored solution to this problem.

By incorporating video conferencing from RP1Cloud into your collaboration tools, you’ll be able to appeal to the best up-and-coming talent, and reap the benefits a motivated workforce will bring your company.

Don’t wait – try RP1Cloud free today and see how it will benefit your business.