Charitable Non-Profits: Unique Challenges, Unique Solutions With Cloud Video Conferencing

Cameron Smith
August 10, 2017

Running a 501(c3) nonprofit is different than operating any other kind of business.

For one, charity budgets are shoe-string, requiring a great deal of savvy saving and leveraging the services of volunteers.

Another reason is the “chapter” system, used to organize branches of a charitable  nonprofit. Sort of like individual states in a country, these chapters operate largely independently, kept under the umbrella of the overall brand.

The organization of disparate chapters and volunteers can be a real headache for the head office of any nonprofit.

While chapters are given the authority to act independently, when organization-wide change is implemented, it simply must be adopted universally. But how can this be done seamlessly given the aforementioned challenges?

That’s where cloud video conferencing from RP1Cloud comes in.

Why Cloud Video Conferencing?

The nature of communication over distance is rapidly evolving.

Phone calls and other audio communication are giving way to video solutions like Skype and Google Hangouts. Their simple and ease of accessibility have made them a go-to for many looking for the benefit of face-to-face collaboration.

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Face-to-face works best for collaboration

However, they remain distinctly unreliable and lacking in quality. Especially for non-profits, who rely on detailed instructions to coordinate their disparate chapters, reliable communication is essential.

Skype and Google Hangouts fail to consistently offer this – and that’s where video conferencing from RP1Cloud comes in.

It’s accessible on every device, with high quality reliable video for effective communication. Non-profits that face unique collaboration challenges stand to benefit enormously from what RP1Cloud offers.

Connecting a Network of Chapters

Because 501(c3) nonprofit chapters operate more independently than for-profit business branches, there can be some unique challenges to maintain consistent messaging and branding.

When focus changes, it’s essential the new direction is conveyed accurately and followed by the disparate locations of a non-profit organization. Without consistent reinforcement, there might not be the required follow through.

Normally, a company-wide conference or event is a good way to make sure every chapter is on the same page. But what about checking in, or solving problems? For non-profits operating with limited budget, in-person check-ins might be infeasible.

That’s where video conferencing really shines. Because of its ability to connect people face-to-face and with visual aids, it allows for the depth of communication to ensure branding and messaging are followed.

While useful for any business, this ability is particularly useful for non-profits who frequently need to collaborate with chapters spread over a wide geographical area.

And, with cloud video conferencing from RP1Cloud, massive room setups aren’t required. Any device (including mobile phones and tablets) can serve as the video endpoint, making it more accessible for individual chapters than any previous video conferencing platform.

However, it’s not merely chapter heads that can benefit from video conferencing – it’s the volunteers they organize too.

Training, Organizing and Communicating with Volunteers

Another aspect that separates non-profit organizations from their profit-driven counterparts is the frequent employment of volunteers.

While motivated by their desire to contribute to a greater cause, volunteers nonetheless require a different management approach than a conventional employee. In fact, volunteer retention is frequently a major problem for many non-profits.

Adequate, effective training and education is frequently cited as a proactive approach to employee retention in conventional businesses, and this can also be applied to volunteers. However, because of the above mentioned challenges mentioned in the disparate chapter system, training and coordinating volunteers can be difficult.


Cloud video conferencing makes training volunteers easy.

Once again, video conferencing offers a solution. Experts organized by the non-profit head office can speak to volunteers from anywhere, answering questions and providing education and group training.

Not only will this allow for more capable, knowledgeable volunteers, it also offers them a richer experience and will facilitate their retention and continued participation in the non-profit.

It’s not just about keeping experience volunteers, however. Onboarding new participants is easy, inexpensive and consistent with video conferencing. Touch-base meetings can take place more frequently, even within the chapter’s organization because they aren’t bound by physical presence.

And, with the added value of face to face communication, establishing lasting relationships will be easier and more natural than simple audio communication.


Nonprofits face unique challenges, and cloud-based video conferencing offers unique solutions.

For 501(c3) nonprofits looking for a cost effective communication solution that easily connects a disparate network of chapters and volunteers, video conferencing from RP1Cloud should be a go-to.

Not only does it enhance the nature of collaboration with face-to-face interaction, because it’s hosted in the cloud video conferencing from RP1Cloud is can be used on any device making it ultra-accessible.

By bringing a network of chapters together, ensuring effective training and communication with volunteers, and helping retain experienced members, cloud-based video offers the most comprehensive solution to challenges faced by non-profits.

Don’t wait – get a free trial of RP1Cloud and see for yourself how your non-profit organization can benefit!