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Case Study: South Correctional Entity Realizes the Value of Cloud Video

Cameron Smith
October 24, 2017

South Correctional Entity needed a solution that modernized their communications between inmates and court officials while maintaining the comfort and continuity of an established workflow . After shopping around for different solutions, they were shown RP1Cloud – and they’ve been thoroughly satisfied ever since.

About SCORE Correctional Facility

The South Correctional Entity Regional Jail (SCORE), located in Des Moines, Washington acts as a confinement space for 802 inmates from 7 cities and several contract agencies. Their stated mission is “To provide professional, cost effective and efficient correctional services to our Member Cities.”

Primary Use Case

The goal of SCORE Jail was to expedite the processes in place that allow inmates and legal authorities to communicate. SCORE was looking to decrease both the time and expense involved in having inmates appear in court, meet with lawyers and otherwise communicate with the outside world. They wanted to do this by reducing the need for inmate transport, which involves a lot of security and resources.

SCORE’s stated objectives were to:

  • Speed up the adjudication process.
  • Reduce case backlog by bringing the court system to the inmate.
  • Eliminate extra transportation, housing and security costs that are incurred by moving inmates to and from courtrooms and correctional facilities.
  • Streamline court wait times and scheduling.
  • Facilitate stronger relationships with Local, Regional and State Court systems

How the Deal Was Won

A Polycom representative brought our partner the opportunity. SCORE had their own video conferencing bridge, but as it was approaching its end of life, they were looking to modernize by moving that infrastructure to the cloud.

Prior to getting in contact with Polycom, SCORE had reached out to several different providers to research their options. Polycom pointed them toward RP1Cloud as a solution that would work seamlessly with SCORE’s existing Polycom infrastructure and meet all of their demands.

SCORE required the video solution to provide a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) per county courthouse they worked with. Due to the sensitive and secure nature of the solution’s use, SCORE required a high level of reliability and full support. As RP1Cloud was able to able to meet these requirements while providing the continuity and comfort of a Polycom feel, SCORE pursued RP1Cloud further.

RP1Cloud’s ability to scale, and its interoperability with any video device has enabled SCORE to consider offering services in counties they had previously never had a presence in, which was a big bonus.

As an additional value-add, several Polycom GroupSeries 310s were bundled with the deal to replace their aging HDXs.

Client’s Testimonial

“South Correctional Entity (SCORE) relies upon mission-critical technology initiatives to help provide reliable, cost effective and efficient video court services to our Member and Contract Cities. When looking for a Cloud provider to replace our on-premise video conference equipment, I had certain criteria that are must haves. Quality of service, reliability, expedient support, and a provider that understands the challenges and importance of our specific use-case for Video Conferencing.”

“I am very pleased to say that RP1Cloud has met this challenge head on. They have delivered a service that works seamlessly in our environment, removes the complexity for the end user, and alleviates some of the stress of my job that involves making sure our Cloud Video solution works with our current Polycom endpoints, laptops, mobile devices and other technology we leverage. I have and will continue to recommend them.”  – A. Munson – Information Technology Director, SCORE Jail